• We are TapGuest .com
  • We crafted the only iPad® Waitlist solution for Restaurants
  • with Automated Virtual Host Technology™ inside!

100% native iPad® ApplicationTextVoiceAutomated Virtual Host Technology™The only Waitlist with Outbound VOIP Calling built in

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We are TapGuest

TapGuest.com began as a simple idea - Make Restaurant Waiting Easy! We are a small, bootstrapped team of dedicated technology, sales and operations specialists with nearly 70 years of combined experience. Our mission is simple - to provide THE preferred iPad® waitlist solution for leading Restaurants in the US and Canada, and to grow and evolve our business as your business needs do. We proudly support all Apple® iPad® models, including the new iPad Air® 2 and iPad Mini® 3. TapGuest was built specifically for the iPad® with 100% Native functionality, and is available for download from the App Store at no cost (an active monthly subscription to TapGuest service is all that's required).

We know that we can only become the world's leading provider of Waitlist Solutions with your help, and we take that responsibility very, very seriously. If you want a true business partner who also happens to make best in class software with no shenanigans, then you have come to the right place. TapGuest combines cloud technology with the flexibility and power of the iPad®, SMS Text messaging and mobile phones. Simply put, TapGuest is Waiting Made Easy!™. What are you waiting for? Let your guests Wait Different™ now...sign up for TapGuest service today!

Why TapGuest?

Our Customers believe

that TapGuest is the leading iPad® Waitlist Solution because it is the easiest to use compared to all the others. They know that TapGuest is reliable, convenient, secure and full-featured. They believe in the positive effects that TapGuest has had on their operational efficiencies, cost savings, and most importantly, their guest experience. They benefit from that positive guest experience, because it translates into very positive social reviews, fewer no-shows and repeat visits. We work closely with our restaurant partners without the need of long-term contracts, setup fees and other such shenanigans that are so very common with our competitors. We're a company born out of a driving passion to make a great product. We help Restaurants provide a better, more enjoyable and stress-free Waiting Experience for their guests and their Host staff, while also improving the efficiency and opererating costs of the Front of House. TapGuest costs less than a single basket of complimentary bread per table seated. Here are just a few of the many reasons why our Restaurant Partners choose TapGuest:

  • Ease of Use
  • Improved FOH efficiency
  • Positive Guest Experience
  • Automated functionality
  • Reliability & Performance
  • Text, Voice & VOIP
How we operate


How we operate

We believe that waiting for a table at your favorite restaurants should not only be easy, comfortable and convenient, but actually provide a truly great experience that guests and staff will enjoy and remember.


A great product is only as good as the company offering it. We do business transparently & honestly, and we always do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

User Experience

At the heart of everything we do lies a great user experience. We take pride in our user interface and our restaurant partners do too.


An enterprise software system has to work when you need it most. We have carefully chosen the best technology partners, because your business depends on TapGuest, and your business IS our business.

Built for iPad®

We're awesome at what we do, & selective in how we do it. From the start, TapGuest was built only for the iPad®, because of it's reliability & capabilities.


Any more flexible, and we would have to join a circus. We offer flexible pricing, features and functionality to serve every size restaurant.


Our affordable monthly service plans fit any size restaurant so you can easily afford to offer your guests the experience of Waiting Made Easy™ with TapGuest!

Pager, Schmager...Your guests want to Wait Different™. Relax - we got this. Sign up today.Sign Up Today!


We work with some incredibly great restaurants. Close, mutually rewarding partnerships with excellent and technologically advanced clients are what allow us to build a world-class application and service. Every one of our restaurant partners are precious and very special to us, but here are just a few of our many fantastic partners.

“Simply Amazing! Thank you for changing our business, and dramatically improving our guest experience in such a simple but profound way!”

- S.S., Manager -

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